Barstool Boogie

by Dan Hicks

From Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks album “Selected Shorts.”


I wish i was crazy tonight (Your are ready Crazy) (Dan)
As Crazy as i was that night (And a Little Lazy) (Dan)
When the beat got a little too right (Everybody boppin) (Jimmy)
And Nobody Cooks it right (They were Table Hopping) (Jimmy)
When the dance floor was too Full (It was a little rowdy) (Dan)
When the band played the “Don’t be Cruel” (Then they Started Shoutin’) (Dan)
When the Place Got a Little Unreal (Rockin’ and Jammin’) (Jimmy)
‘Cause Nobody Could sit still (Rockin’ and Slammin’) (Jimmy)
There wasn’t any room to dance (They had the hebe Jebes)(both)
So they sit right there and danced in their pants (both)
Yeah they sit right where they were (Yeah Yeah) (Dan)
They enjoyed themselves just because (Jimmy)

What they doin’
there sittin’ in there seats
There Doin’ the Barstool Boogie in their seats
There Doin’ the Barstool Boogie
There Groovin’ but there movin’ in there seats

And the little girl was swayin’ back and forth (She was a little crazy) (Jimmy)
She was sittin’ on her stool of course (She might’ve been a) (Jimmy)
She was gettin’ little caried away (they had to carry her away) (Dan)
She was sayin’ all there was to say (She had a lot of) (Dan)
And when the band broke into night train (She had a lotta) (Jimmy)
But the whole scene would go insane (They were gettin’ at it) (Jimmy)
‘Cause the walls are gonna fall off the joint (Each and Everybody) (Dan)
But it didn’t happen and hear’s the point (Jimmy)
And nobody had to get up (They had the Hebe Jebes) (Both)
They could Sit right there and fill up there cup (Both)


Instrumental break

I’ve never seen a club with such a bunch (both)
They was cuttin’ some rugs but they were then and much (both)
Gettin’ in their licks sittin’ right were they sit (Dan)
Doin the mashed potato and the monkey and all of that (both)