Jimmy Buffett’s career has spanned more than four decades. Over the years, Jimmy has made the news a few times for non-music related reasons, and reasons he’d probably wished he hadn’t. From airplane accidents to getting ejected from an NBA game to being detained for allegedly having ecstasy in France. Parrotheads have benefited from some of the incidents however, with songs like “Semi-True Stories” and “Jamaica Mistaica”.

The France/Ecstasy Incident

October 6th, 2006

Buffett is detained in France after authorities alleged that he had over 100 pills of the club drug Ecstasy in his possession (it was actually a B vitamin supplement) … read more

Buffett Loses His Cell Phone

May 28th, 2005

A busboy at a Delray Beach, FL restaurant makes prank calls to Bill Clinton and other celebrities after finding Buffett’s cellphone left behind in the booth that he dined at that night… read more

Ejection from Miami Heat Basketball Game

February 4th, 2001

Buffett was ejected from the American Airlines Arena in Miami during a Heat/Knicks NBA game for cursing at referee Joe Forte, who didn’t even know who he was… read more

The Jamaica Mistaica Incident

January 16th, 1996

While taxiing in the water near Negril in his Grumman Albatross seaplane, Jamaican authorities open fire on the aircraft, mistaking it for a drug-running plane… read more

Grumman Widgeon Seaplane Crash

August 25th, 1994

While attempting to takeoff from the waters off Nantucket, Jimmy Buffett’s seaplane noses over and he swims to safety… read more

Buffett Sued for “God’s Own Drunk”


Dick Buckley, Jr., son of famed entertainer Lord Buckley, sues Jimmy Buffett for infringing on his father’s copyright, claiming that “God’s Own Drunk” was taken from… read more

Buford Pusser Incident


The incident referenced in “Semi-True Stories” and “Presents To Send You” where Jimmy is pummeled by legendary sheriff Buford Pusser… read more