Additional Album Artwork:
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Two On One:
One Particular Harbour/Riddles in the Sand

Release Date:



MCA Records

Track List
1. Stars On The Water 3:16
2. I used To Have Money One Time 3:25
3. Livin’ It Up 2:59
4. California Promises 3:42
5. One Particular Harbour 5:44
6. Why You Wanna Hurt My Heart 2:42
7. Honey Do 4:32
8. We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About 3:21
9. Twelve Volt Man 4:01
10. Brown Eyed Girl 3:55
11. Distantly In Love 2:53
12. Who’s The Blonde Stranger? 3:46
13. Ragtop Day 3:07
14. She’s Going Out Of My Mind 3:28
15. Bigger Than The Both Of Us 3:59
16. Knees Of My Heart 2:43
17. Come To The Moon 3:48
18. Love In Decline 2:44
19. Burn That Bridge 3:14
20. La Vie Dansante 4:05

Album Notes:

In 1986, MCA Records began issuing Jimmy’s albums on CD. Some of the first were released in a series entitled “Two On One.” The releases in this series were: A1A/Volcano, Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes/Havana Daydreamin’, Son Of A Son Of A Sailor/Coconut Telegraph, and One Particular Harbour/Riddles In The Sand.

Interestingly, a few of these releases featured artwork from the original LP’s, the only time this artwork has seen release on CD. This particular one, as you can see in this image, features no liner notes, but a cropped version of the back of the “Riddles” LP. It also includes an image from the lyric insert that came with “One Particular Harbour.” “When The Wild Life Betrays Me”, a single from “Riddles in the Sand,” was deleted for space, though no mention is made anywhere in the liner notes or the disc.