Jimmy Buffett began his business empire in 1985 when he opened his first Margaritaville Cafe in Key West, Florida. There are now several Margaritaville’s in America and the Caribbean. In 2002, Jimmy began building Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants jointly with Outback Steakhouse. Over 30 CIP’s are in existence today with more in the works.

The biggest addition to Buffett’s empire is currently under construction: a Margaritaville Casino and Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi. The project has suffered due to the economic downturn though. It’s on hold, and in November the backers said that they may need partners to finish the casino with the size and scope originally planned.

Buffett has also expanded his business empire to include Footwear, Frozen Foods, Beer, Tequila, Frozen Concoction Creators, and even naming rights to an NFL stadium!

Get more information on Buffett’s business endeavors:

Margaritaville Cafe

Chain of restaurants and gift shops in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and soon-to-be in Canada.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Chain of restaurants in the Midwest and East.

Margaritaville Foods

Line of foods including frozen seafood and chicken, chips and salsa, and iced teas.

Landshark Lager

A beer brewed by Anheuser Busch under license by Jimmy Buffett.

Margaritaville Casino – Biloxi

Casino and resort under construction in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Radio Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett’s radio station on the web and on Sirius / XM satellite radio.

Margaritaville Tequila & Spirits

Gold and Silver flavored tequila, and also ready-to-drink cocktails including margaritas and mojitos.

Margaritaville Cargo

Frozen drink makers and tailgating accessories that includes portable grills.

Margaritaville Rum

New line of rum with Coconut, Spiced, Silver and Dark flavors.

Margaritaville Footwear

Women’s and men’s casual shoes and sandals.

Last Mango Stables

Horse racing owner’s group. Co-owners include Sean Payton and Drew Brees.

Paradise Key Teas

New line of flavored iced teas

Margaritaville in Orlando

Margaritaville in Orlando

Artists rendering of Margaritaville Casino in Biloxi

Artists rendering of Margaritaville Casino in Biloxi

Margaritaville Portable Tailgate Grill

Margaritaville Portable Tailgate Grill

Margarita mix, salsa, frozen chicken and shrimp

Margarita mix, salsa, frozen chicken and shrimp

Battery-Powered Frozen Concoction Maker

Battery-Powered Frozen Concoction Maker

Ready-To-Drink Margaritas

Ready-To-Drink Margaritas