N48550 – Grumman Goose

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In 2009 Jimmy Buffett purchased N48550, a 1939 Grumman Goose seaplane. It’s the third Grumman seaplane that Buffett has owned. His first was a Widgeon, and his second, an Albatross dubbed “The Hemisphere Dancer”, is now on display outside his Margaritaville Cafe in Orlando.

First flown in 1937, the Grumman Goose was envisioned as a luxurious transport for the wealthy. But with the onset of World War II the seaplane was modified to perform a variety of military roles. After the war, many were used for airline service.

In terms of size, the Goose is larger than the Widgeon but smaller than the Albatross.

N48550 was built as a civilian Goose and first sold to a customer in Canada. During World War II, the individual donated it to the Royal Canadian Air Force. After the war it was sold as surplus and spent several years with Alaska Coastal Airlines and then Antilles Air Boats in the Virgin Islands before being bought by an individual in 1990. Buffett flew it often on lease from the individual before buying it in 2009.

General Info
Manufacturer: Grumman
Model: G-21A Goose
N-Number: N48550
Year: 1939
Serial Number: 1061

Max Cruise Speed: 184 knots
Max Range: 1,050 nm
Max Altitude: 21,000 ft

Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney
Model: R-985
Engine Power: 450 hp

photo by Roger L. Meadows

photo by Roger L. Meadows

photo by BFIguy

photo by BFIguy