Atlanta, GA

Symphony Hall
Wednesday, September 23rd, 1992

Show Notes:
This Set List was sent to us by Brian who recalls: “The tickets say simply “Jimmy Buffett *** Where is Joe Merchant?” It was a fund-raiser, I’m pretty sure for the Atlanta Book Mobile. Buffett came out and talked about his book for a while (maybe a half hour) and read all of one page from the novel. Then he opened it up to questions – they had microphones on the floor and in the balcony. Finally, after 30 or so minutes of questions, one girl asked if, next summer at Lakewood (what they called the amphitheater in Atlanta then), he would play ‘Smart Woman (in a real short skirt).’ Buffett said, “Why don’t we do it right now?” He went back, got an acoustic guitar (obviously he had planned to perform) and played ‘Smart Woman.’ Then he just continued to play for about 45 minutes or so. I am certain about the songs, but not the order. I think it went like this: After Smart Woman, he played an early version of “Lone Palm” – he may have even called it something different – and then did “Banana Republics,” “Cowboy in the Jungle,” “Presents to Send You” and “Coast of Marseilles.” So that’s six total. Not a full show, but one of my most memorable Buffett concerts because those are among my favorites of his. Someone yelled out for one of the standards, and he said something about ‘This ain’t for the four-song mother …” well you get the idea. Anyway, a very nice one-off. I saw him at the Nashville Book Fair a month later, where he spoke for a while. But when someone asked him to play there, he said a very curt “No.”

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03 Cowboy in the Jungle -> Banana Republics (Solo Acoustic)
04 Presents to Send You
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