The Captain And The Kid

by Jimmy Buffett

from the album You Had To Be There: Jimmy Buffett Live In Concert
originally from the album Down To Earth


I never use to miss the chance
to climb upon his knee and listen
to the many tales of life upon the sea

We’d go sailing back on barkentines and
talk of things he did, tomorrow just a
day away for the Captain and the Kid

His world had gone from sailing ships
to raking mom’s back yard
he never could adjust to land although
he tried so hard

We both were growing older then and
wiser with our years
that’s when I came to understand
the course his heart still steers

He died about a month ago
while winter filled the air
and though I cried, I was so proud
to love a man so rare

He’s somewhere on the ocean now
the place he ought to be
with one hand on the starboard rail
he’s waving back at me
For the Captain and this kid