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      Released: October 1978
      Label: ABC Dunhill Records
      Chart Peak: #29 Billboard Country Chart
      Chart Peak: #72 Billboard Pop Chart
        • Jimmy’s first live album
        • Recorded in Atlanta and Miami in August, 1978
        • Album contains three new songs: “Perrier Blues”, “Morris’ Nightmare”, and the instrumental “Dixie Diner”

            1. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor 4:21
            2. Pencil Thin Mustache 4:37
            3. Wonder Why We Ever Go Home 4:13
            4. Landfall 3:32
            5. Miss You So Badly 4:19
            6. Havana Daydreamin’ 6:34
            7. Margaritaville 5:30
            8. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes 3:28
            9. Come Monday 3:41
            10. Perrier Blues 3:52
            11. Grapefruit Juicy Fruit 8:06
            12. God’s Own Drunk 12:40
            13. He Went To Paris 3:38
            14. The Captain And The Kid 4:15
            15. Why Don’t We Get Drunk 6:23
            16. He Went To Paris 5:47
            17. Tampico Trauma 5:47
            18. Morris’ Nightmare 5:47
            19. Dixie Diner (Instrumental) 6:22

            Jimmy’s Note:

            This album is dedicated to anyone in the United States and Canada who has paid good money to see this show. Thanks for helping me live my life like a song.

            There’s nothing to this show bidness gig. After twelve years and ten albums I enjoy remembering some of the moments in the history of Coral Reefer madness that still make it fun:

            The morning in San Francisco when I found a chandelier in Fingers’ bathroom sink and drug him out of bed to help me rehang the goddamn thing; the night at Kiawah Island when Harry discovered the new religion of Naked Hall Meditation; when Jay Spell introduced Martin Mull to braille centerfolds; when Buttrey polished off a magnum of champagne during a Central Park concert and finished the evening by attempting to drop-kick his snare drum into the monitor board; the night Deborah and Fingers did their impression of Ike and Tina Turner in a Holiday Inn near Billings, Montana; the time Barry decided to redecorate the interior of a Chrysler Cordoba in Sacramento; the afternoon I decided to take the bus for a spin near Wrightsville Beach to find some beer; or just yesterday in London, when they gave all our suites to Gladys Knight and the Pips.

            I could go on for hours telling stories but I guess… you had to be there.

            – Jimmy Buffett wasting away in London. August 30, 1978

            Note: To all avid lyric fanatics: you may or may not notice that some verses and phrases on there records are not the same as the original version. I can only blame that mishap on an over-indulgence in Mount Gay rum and an over-abuse of poetic license. Hope you enjoy the new versions. – J.B.

              Contributing Artists

              • Jimmy Buffett – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar
              • Barry Chance – Guitar
              • Harry Dailey – Bass
              • Jay Spell – Piano
              • Mike Utley – Organ
              • Kenneth Buttrey – Drums and Percussion
              • Greg “Fingers” Taylor – Harmonica
              • Deborah McColl – Background Vocals