by John Scott Sherrill

from the album Somewhere Over China


I remember that steamer
The time you set sail
The crowd was steamin’, streamin’
And leanin’ on the rail
Then the big whistle blew
And I lost my place
Next thing I knew
I could not find your face

I can see myself dramin’
The time you came home
Your face was beamin’, seemin’
To stand out alone

The dinner bell chimed
And I found my seat
When your eyes met mine
Your smile was so sweet


I remember that river
First time we made love
Oh I still kinda shiver a little
At what I’m thinkin’ of
How your dress it just floated
All down around your knees
And I held my breath my God, my girl
I Just could not Believe


But most of all it’s that steamer
The time you set sail
And the crowds always steamin’, streamin’ and
Leanin’ on the rail
Then the big whistle blows
And I always lose my place
Next thing I know
I cannot find your face

Jimmy’s Note:

There is something terribly romantic about the old passenger ships that used to comb the oceans of the world before concrete runways and jet planes made them obsolete. I spent a night once on the Queen Mary in Long Beach trying to imagine what that era must have been like. Even with her decks full of people from bus tours, even parked next to the Spruce Goose in a jungle of oil terminals, I could still feel the ship talk to me. When I heard this song, it reminded me of the good old days.

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