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    Inner Sleeve

      Released: September 1983
      Label: MCA Records
      Chart Peak: #59 Billboard 200
        • This album was the first album Jimmy had a hand in producing
        • Two singles were released. One Particular Harbour peaked at #22 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart and Brown Eyed Girl reached #13 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

            1. Stars On The Water
            2. I Used To Have Money One Time
            3. Livin’ It Up
            4. California Promises
            5. One Particular Harbour
            6. Why You Wanna Hurt My Heart
            7. Honey Do
            8. We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About
            9. Twelve Volt Man
            10. Brown Eyed Girl
            11. Distantly In Love

            Jimmy’s Note:

            This album is dedicated to the ones I love.

            “I believe the love of the tropics is born in most boys of the temperate zone, and though it may remain latent, if once roused it is seldom quieted until satisfied.” – Commodore Ralph Middleton Munroe and Vincent Gilpin from “The Commodore’s Story”

              Contributing Artists

              • Jimmy Buffett – Acoustic guitar
              • Michael Utley – Piano, organ and, synthesizer
              • Josh Leo – Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and mandolin
              • Sam Clayton – Congas and percussion
              • Bob Glaub – Bass
              • Russell Kunkel – Drums
              • Robert Greenidge – Steel Drums
              • Errol “Crusher” Bennett – Percussion and congas
              • Matt Betton – Drums and saxophone
              • Danny Burns – Bass
              • Alan Estes – Percussion
              • David Jackson – Upright bass
              • Earl Klugh – Gut string guitar
              • Vince Melamed – Synthesizer
              • Thom Mooney – Drums