Beyond The End

by Jimmy Buffett, Marshall Chapman, and Will Jennings

from the album Last Mango in Paris


Mayan moon was burning
We saw visions
Of the past returning
On the shore
The band was playing
We all heard
What the moon was saying

The world keeps closing in
It has before
It will again
A voice beyond the wind
Says we must go
Beyond the end
So follow
Beyond the end

A sea of friends are singing
Vaya con dios
Mis amigos
We take their hopes and feelings
To some new world
We’ll be revealing

Old worlds keep closing in
They have before
They will again
Voices call
Beyond the wind
Say we must go
Beyond the end
And follow
Beyond the end

Jimmy’s Note:

“We are a long way from anything,” I told him. “Up ahead turn left and we’re fifteen or twenty minutes from Cancun. Turn right and you’ve got a batch of sixty miles of nothing. SO who are we seeing, where is he and how do we get in touch.” – Travis McGee from THE LONELY SILVER RAIN