Back Cover

      Released: June 20th, 1988
      Label: MCA Records
      Chart Peak: #46 Billboard 200
        • This was the first album that Jimmy did not have a mustache since “Down to Earth”
        • Two singles were released: “Homemade Music” and “Bring Back the Magic”, which reached #24 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.
        • A music video for “Homemade Music” was made but was never seen until the release of Tales From Margaritavision

            1. Homemade Music
            2. Baby’s Gone Shopping
            3. Bring Back The Magic
            4. My Barracuda
            5. L’Air De La Louisiane
            6. Prince Of Tides
            7. Pre-You
            8. King Of Somewhere Hot
            9. Great Heart
            10. Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)
            11. That’s What Living Is To Me

            Jimmy’s Note:

            This album is dedicated to John D. MacDonald, one of America’s great natural resources.

              Contributing Artists

              • Jimmy Buffett – Acoustic & electric Guitar
              • Steve Cropper – Electric guitar
              • Hugh McCracken – Acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass harmonica & lead guitar on “Prince of Tides”
              • Jeff Miranoff – Electric guitar on “Pre-You”
              • Russell Kunkel – Drums and percussion
              • Buddy Williams – Drums on “King of Somewhere Hot” and “Pre-You”
              • Michael Utley – Keyboards, organ, synthesizers
              • Steve Winwood – Organ on “My Barracuda”
              • Richard Tee – Piano on “Pre-You”
              • Donald “Duck” Dunn – Bass
              • Marcus Miller – Bass on “King of Somewhere Hot”
              • Anthony Jackson – Bass on “That’s What Living Is To Me”
              • Alex Blake – Bass on “Pre-You”
              • Timothy B. Schmit – Bass on “L’Air de la Louisiane”, background Vocals on “Prince of Tides”, “Great Heart”, “L’Air de la Louisiane”
              • Ralph MacDonald – Percussion
              • Robert Greenidge – Steel Drums
              • Greg “Fingers” Taylor – Harmonica
              • The Memphis Horns – Horns
              • Wayne Jackson – Trumpet, trombone
              • Andrew Love – Alto and tenor Sax
              • Grover Washington Jr. – Horns on “That’s What Living Is To Me” and “Pre-You”
              • The Neville Brothers – Background vocals on “Bring Back the Magic”, “Great Heart”, “Homemade Music”, “My Barracuda”, “Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)”
              • James Taylor – Background vocals on “Prince of Tides”, “Pre-You”, “Great Heart”, “L’Air de la Louisiane”
              • Rita Coolidge – Background vocals on “Bring Back the Magic”
              • William Eaton – String Arrangements on “Pre-You”