Additional Album Artwork:
Back Cover

Chart Peak:

  • #46 – Billboard 200
Hot Water

Release Date:

June 20th, 1988


MCA Records

Track List
1. Homemade Music 3:35
2. Baby’s Gone Shopping 4:05
3. Bring Back The Magic 4:17
4. My Barracuda 3:39
5. L’Air De La Louisiane 3:01
6. Prince Of Tides 5:34
7. Pre-You 5:22
8. King Of Somewhere Hot 5:07
9. Great Heart 5:07
10. Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt) 2:52
11. That’s What Living Is To Me 4:36

Jimmy’s Note

This album is dedicated to John D. MacDonald, one of America’s great natural resources.

Contributing Artists

  • Jimmy Buffett – Acoustic & electric Guitar
  • Steve Cropper – Electric guitar
  • Hugh McCracken – Acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass harmonica & lead guitar on “Prince of Tides”
  • Jeff Miranoff – Electric guitar on “Pre-You”
  • Russell Kunkel – Drums and percussion
  • Buddy Williams – Drums on “King of Somewhere Hot” and “Pre-You”
  • Michael Utley – Keyboards, organ, synthesizers
  • Steve Winwood – Organ on “My Barracuda”
  • Richard Tee – Piano on “Pre-You”
  • Donald “Duck” Dunn – Bass
  • Marcus Miller – Bass on “King of Somewhere Hot”
  • Anthony Jackson – Bass on “That’s What Living Is To Me”
  • Alex Blake – Bass on “Pre-You”
  • Timothy B. Schmit – Bass on “L’Air de la Louisiane”, background Vocals on “Prince of Tides”, “Great Heart”, “L’Air de la Louisiane”
  • Ralph MacDonald – Percussion
  • Robert Greenidge – Steel Drums
  • Greg “Fingers” Taylor – Harmonica
  • The Memphis Horns – Horns
  • Wayne Jackson – Trumpet, trombone
  • Andrew Love – Alto and tenor Sax
  • Grover Washington Jr. – Horns on “That’s What Living Is To Me” and “Pre-You”
  • The Neville Brothers – Background vocals on “Bring Back the Magic”, “Great Heart”, “Homemade Music”, “My Barracuda”, “Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)”
  • James Taylor – Background vocals on “Prince of Tides”, “Pre-You”, “Great Heart”, “L’Air de la Louisiane”
  • Rita Coolidge – Background vocals on “Bring Back the Magic”
  • William Eaton – String Arrangements on “Pre-You”

Album Notes

  • This was the first album that Jimmy did not have a mustache since “Down to Earth”
  • Two singles were released: “Homemade Music” and “Bring Back the Magic”, which reached #24 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.
  • A music video for “Homemade Music” was made but was never seen until the release of Tales From Margaritavision