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      Released: February 1981
      Label: MCA Records
      Chart Peak: #30 Billboard Pop Chart
        • First album to have Mac McAnally’s influence. Also has the first Mac song Jimmy ever recorded: It’s My Job
        • Two singles were released: It’s My Job reached #32 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and #57 on the Billboard Pop chart, and Stars Fell on Alabama

            1. Coconut Telegraph
            2. Incommunicado
            3. It’s My Job
            4. Growing Older But Not Up
            5. The Good Fight
            6. The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful
            7. Stars Fell On Alabama
            8. Island
            9. Little Miss Magic

            Jimmy’s Note:

            This album is dedicated to “All My Reefers”. You know who you are. And especially to Max Crabtree.

              Contributing Artists

              • Jimmy Buffett – Vocals and acoustic guitar
              • Barry Chance – Electric guitar
              • Josh Leo – Electric guitar
              • Andy McMahon – Organ, Fender Rhodes
              • Harry Dailey – Bass, vocals
              • Matt Betton – Drums
              • M.L. Benoit – Congas and percussion, vocals
              • Greg “Fingers” Taylor – Harmonica
              • Michael Utley – Organ
              • David Briggs – Piano
              • Mac McAnally – Vocals on “It’s My Job”
              • J.D. Souther – Vocals on “It’s My Job”
              • Dr. Kino Bachellier – Shakers and French
              • Freddie Buffett – Vocals
              • Norbert Putnam – Upright bass
              • Dominic Cortese – Accordion
              • Deborah McColl – Vocals