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      Released: February 8th, 1977
      Label: ABC Dunhill Records
      Chart Peak: #2 Billboard Country Chart
      Chart Peak: #12 Billboard Pop Chart
        • This album was by far the most popular album to date for Jimmy Buffett
        • Two singles were released that gave Jimmy his greatest chart success to date: Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes reached #11 on the Billboard Easy Listening chart and Margaritaville reached #1 on the Billboard Easy Listening chart, his only number one song until It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere with Alan Jackson in 2003

            1. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
            2. Wonder Why We Ever Go Home
            3. Banana Republics
            4. Tampico Trauma
            5. Lovely Cruise
            6. Margaritaville
            7. In The Shelter
            8. Miss You So Badly
            9. Biloxi
            10. Landfall

            Jimmy’s Note:

            This album is dedicated to The Coral Reefer Band. Boys it’s been a long time comin. – Popps

            I would like to thank Mike Wheeler, Phil Massey, Rick Holcomb, Clint Gilbert & Steve Vaughn who take care of the Day-to-Day work which enables us to work with ease. Cindy Johnson and Jeri Jenkins of Home at last in Miami for Food & Shelter. Don Light & Herb Belkin; Frank Mulvey for a great cover design. Stan Goldsten, and the people at Mauua. And to everyone who enjoys listening to my music as much as I enjoy playing it. I guess that covers it till next time.

            – Jimmy Buffett aboard the Eudaurm. Coconut Grove, Florida. December 20th, 1976

              Contributing Artists

              • Jimmy Buffett – Vocals and acoustic guitar
              • Greg “Fingers” Taylor – Harmonica and one line in “Lovely Cruise”
              • Michael Utley – Organ, piano
              • Harry Dailey – Bass, vocals
              • Kenneth “Barfullo” Buttrey – Congas, drums on “Landfall”, “Biloxi”, and “Margaritaville”
              • Michael Jeffry – Lead guitar, vocals
              • Roger Bartlett – Lead guitar on “In the Shelter”
              • Ferrel Morris – Percussion
              • Billy Puett – Recorder and flute on “Margaritaville”
              • David Bryant – Vocals