by Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally

from the album Buffet Hotel


You messed up… you read the paper
You accidentally watched the news
You inadvertently find yourself
In the vicinity of the blues

Bust your ass to get the good life
You make a habit out of overtime
When the big report card comes
Your priorities are way out of line

You need to go to Summerzcool
Get to the beach or at least in the pool
Time to go to Summerzcool
Remember what is and what is not cool

Time out for bad behavior
Time off… you’ve been under the gun
High time somebody told you
It’s time to let those puppies run

What’s up with this recession?
I refuse to participate
The answer to this burning question
Is dancing on your tailgate

It’s time to go to Summerzcool
Remember what is and is not cool
Oh Summerzcool
There’s a time and a place for acting like a fool
At Summerzcool
Get your ass to the beach or at least to a pool
At Summerzcool
Know when to keep and to break all the rules

Beer……… 101
Sex……… 102
Tune it in
Turn it out
That’s what I’m talkin’ about

It’s time to go to Summerzcool
This is the time and place to act like a fool
At Summerzcool
Remember what is and is not cool

Need to stay in Summerzcool
The courses are easy and there are no rules
Oh Summerzcool
Just know when to get and to break all the rules

Jimmy’s Note:

Labor Day has once again done its guillotine-like job of ending summer with a sudden thud. The tourists are gone, school is back in session and the big top has folded its tent. Fall is in the air around here, and pretty soon it will be time to go up a degree of thickness in my choice of wetsuits.

I was in line at the hardware store in Sag Harbor the other day buying blank CDs, and there was a group of boys in their early teens appearing to be in some kind of adolescent panic. On the counter was an assemblage of spray paint cans in a variety of sizes. Of course it looked like more spray paint than you would need for a model plane or a skateboard, and the clerk behind the register was probably thinking the same thing I was: which railroad overpass would get a face lift?

I don’t know if they pulled it off or not, but I like the idea that there was still a little summertime mischief in the air even as the veil of daylight savings time and darker days were just around the corner. Those kids looked like prime candidates for Summerzcool next year.