Middle Of The Night

by Jimmy Buffett, Will Jennings, Art Neville, and Mike Utley

from the album Ballads


Middle of the night Hold on til morning
We will see the light Love is spawning
Middle of the night Hold on forever
We will get it right
All together

When will we listen
When will we ever learn
Read all about it
This tide has got to turn

Old folks and baby’s
Crying in the storm
I try to tell them
Soon they’ll be safe and warm

Lord let us out of this hall full of mirrors
Make it all clearer
Don’t let us fall
In the middle of the night

Middle of the night New voices calling
Saying it’s alright I’m not falling
Middle of the night Halfway till morning
Middle of my life New days dawning

Jimmy’s Note:

Back in prehistoric times (the sixties) when I was working on Bourbon Street, I used to go to the Ivanhoe Piano Bar on my break and listen to a couple of local singers called the Neville Brothers. Needless to day, we have all made it off Bourbon Street and on to better things, but I still don’t think there are too many bands around today who can compare to Art, Cyril, Charlie and Aaron when they harmonize. It was a thrill to work with them on this song which was one if three that I wrote with Art, Will Jennings, and Mike Utley one summer in New Orleans. The other two songs eventually made it onto Neville albums, but this one did not. It was inspired by late-night television ads and the St. Charles Avenue streetcar in New Orleans.