Waiting For The Next Explosion

by Jimmy Buffett

from the album Beach House on the Moon


Missing link crouched upon a promontory rock
Tryin’ to figure out his biological clock
No one around to announce his arrival
So he’s got to get to work on his sense of survival
Oh Oh, it’s a dangerous world

Over in China they got smart real fast
That’s where they invented the man made blast
They lost a few fingers and some bamboo shacks
But they gave birth to a tribe of pyromaniacs
Oh oh, it’s a dangerous world
Fire in the sky, lava in the ocean
Sittin’ round waitin’ for the next explosion

Back in the fifties they thought it made good sense
To teach all the school children about civil defense
Don’t be scared, do not cry
Just dive under your desk and kiss your ass goodbye
Oh oh, such a dangerous world
It was a hell of a hustle, paranoia promotion
Sittin ’round waitin for the next explosion

Where you gonna be
When it hits the fan
Got a plan
What you gonna do
If it lands on you
Where’s your point of view

Down at the beach club there’s a sales convention
Night sky is the focus of that crowd’s attention
It’s no cosmic collision just a fireworks show
But they feel it in their hearts when those
Concussion bombs blow

Oh oh, such a dangerous world
Gunpowder’s louder than Newton’s laws of motion
Everybody’s waitin’ for the next explosion

Firs in the sky, fallin’ on the ocean
Sittin’ round waitin’ for the next explosion