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Part III of Jimmy’s Outer Banks Diary

January 1st, 2009

The third and final installment of Jimmy’s Outer Banks Diary is now up on Margaritaville.com. In it he discusses surfing, fishing on his stand up board, the use of vegetable oil as fuel, and his personal rules for fans coming up to him:

1) I won’t sign autographs when I am in the act of eating (drinking is okay). Eating is a sacrament to me, and something, which is never to be interrupted. In my world, it comes with the punishment of eternal damnation in the fires of hell (can’t get away from that Catholic thing).

2) As for photos, it all depends on your manners and what kind of mood I am in, and if I do take photos I ask that you keep them as personal keepsakes and not post them on the internet or blogs and not shared with the entire planet earth. A photo should be a keepsake, not a calling card.

3) Finally, I don’t want anybody bothering me when I am at home and that includes on my boat. Other than that, I feel that I am fair game and it is all just a part of the job, and I have found the vast majority of the time, fans I meet out there couldn’t be more respectful and mannerly and I do appreciate that. I still have a bit of a problem with that celebrity stuff as I do still only see myself as a beach boy, ex-altar boy from Mobile, who worked hard and got lucky and not much more. To me, it is just my job.

Read the entire diary entry here.

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Buffett Races ‘Groovy’ Over New Years

March 2nd, 2008

In the February issue of “All At Sea”, a story on the 13th annual New Years Eve Regatta on St. Barts mentions Buffett and his sailboat “Groovy”:

The 26 boats that participated ranged from the smallest, Fritz Bus’ 24’ Carib Melges, to the largest, Elenora, a 162’ (overall length) replica of the mythic Nathaniel Herreshoff schooner Westward. The winner, with the fastest time around the island at 1 hour, 58 minutes, and 20 seconds was the 117’ Hamilton II.

Winners in the smaller classes were an 82’ Swan, Capo Giro, for the mid-sized boats (60 to 80 feet), and Courrier de Nuit, a 40’ sloop, in the smaller class (30 to 60 feet). A class for small boats up to 30’, which included singer Jimmy Buffett’s 30’ sloop, Groovy, was won by Alex Jouany’s 30’ sloop, Magic Carpet.

Read the entire article here.

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